Super Monkey's Paw is a retro collect'em up that doesn't skimp on story!

Play as a prince desperate to collect all the things a princess could ever want and fulfill your deepest wish: to keep the princess safe from harm!

Controls for web

WASD or ARROWS to move. Some mouse interaction required for menus.

Click the gear icon while playing to activate/deactivate the mobile control stick.

Controls for mobile

Use the on-screen joystick. Some interaction required for menus.

Super Monkey's Paw is a love letter to some of my favorite games that have inspired me over the years. I love pixel art and development restrictions of old consoles like the GameBoy and SNES.

Please enjoy, and thank's for checking it out. Post that high score and time if you get to the end!


Design, code, Sound FX | Eric Mofield |

Artwork | Jonathan Schmidt |

Artwork | Amanda Berry

Story | Angela Defendini |

Music | CactusBear | GameDevMarket

Submitted for the 2022 GitHub Game Off (Repository)


Download 19 MB
Download 19 MB
Download 20 MB

Development log


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Wow, this was so fun and hilarious! Good theme interpretation, loved the sound effects and music. Took me a little bit to get used to controls and the whole "get bigger to pick up bigger things", but was super fun. Can definitely see this being an arcade game. Congrats on the high scores too. Played for the GitHub Game Off live stream:

Yaaaassss thank you so much for checking it out! What a wonderful thing to wake up to this!

Watching you play opened a floodgate of ideas to improve the experience thanks to your commentary. Confusion is bad for you but good for me heheh

You had one more level to go and I would've loved to see you finish the game, but thank you again - super helpful!